The Waste Management WEEE

What are WEEE and Battery recycling regulations? The Waste Management WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is a regulation designed to prevent and reduce the amount of waste going into landfill and instead re-use, recycle and dispose old electronic equipment in an environmentally and responsible manner.

The crossed-out wheelie bin symbol is marked on products that should not be disposed in the normal waste stream, but should instead be taken to the nearest recycling station or appropriate facility to enable their safe recovery and recycling.

Stylepit yearly report all sale of electronic equipment and that way help the national government recycle and dispose electronic.

Chemical Restrictions

Chemical Restrictions describes the limitation and prohibition of substances in products manufactured for Stylepit and products sold on Stylepit’s website from other suppliers. These chemical restrictions have been developed based on the law, a concern for the health of our customers, the working conditions inside the factories producing our goods, and the preservation of the environment.

Chemical restrictions will cover all garments, accessories and other products of value (referred to as ‘articles ’). The articles include every type of supplement such as zippers, buttons, rivets and labels. Suppliers must also ensure that all samples meet the requirements set in the chemical restrictions.

Suppliers must familiarise and comply with all legislation, product requirements and manufacturing requirements in all countries where they are producing. All environmental laws in the country of production must be followed. Production of articles for Stylepit and products sold via Stylepit must have minimal impact on the environment, and we expect suppliers to continuously work to reduce and control this impact.

To read more about Stylepit’s Chemical Restrictions go to this link CHEMICAL RESTRICTIONS