Rabbit boots - Black
Rabbit boots - Black
Rabbit boots - Black
Rabbit boots - Black
Rabbit boots - Black

Bundgaard Rabbit boots - Black

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Bundgaard Rabbit boots

Rabbit Velcro is a Bundgaard classic, and a bestseller for several years. It is a great winter boot model for the little ones, and will keep your baby's feet warm and dry during the cold months. The design is simple and checked. Rabbit Velcro has 100% wool lining and a water-repellent TEX membrane. Rabbit Velcro has a TPR sole with a rough surface and a rough profile, which provides the basis for safe play with a better foothold. The advantage of this material is that it does not change when the temperature varies, and therefore provides a good grip, even if it has become cold and slippery. Recommended growing allowance: 12-15 mm. Fit: Wide, but with good adjustment options and a narrow slug and heel cap for a perfect fit for both narrower and wider feet. Fixed heel cover that provides support and stability. Fixed toe cap that provides plenty of space and protection for the toes. Removable insoles make it easy to check if the size is correct - both when buying and continuously during use. NOTE: small children bend their toes, and can not feel when the shoe is too small. Possible to air and dry the soles. Easy and quick to clean the of the boot. The velcro closure makes the shoe easy to open all the way up, so it is easy to get on and off. At the same time, the velcro straps can be adjusted and shortened, so that the shoe will fit perfectly with the individual child's foot. Material: Leather / Suede (breathable). Lining: 100% wool lining. Sole: Rubber (TPR - high flexibility). Insole: Wool. Closure: Velcro (easy to get in and adjust). TEX membrane (breathable and strongly water-repellent). It is a good idea to always impregnate shoes before use, to avoid dirt, grease and liquid penetrating into the leather. We recommend that the impregnating agent is chosen carefully. Leather is a natural material and each product is unique. After some time, the leather may look a little dry or tired, and need a little care. Start by wiping the boot with a hard-wrung damp cloth and allow the shoe to dry. Then use shoe polish or leather grease on the leather (not suede). Once completely dried, the boot can be impregnated to advantage. Please note that impregnation spray for boots with TEX membrane must not contain silicone! Please repeat the treatment at regular intervals. It is important that boots with a TEX membrane dry naturally. e.g. when the soles are taken out of the boot to dry (put newspaper in the boot if necessary to speed up the process). The boots must not be placed directly on a heat source (heating cabinet or heater) as this will damage the properties of the membrane.

Model: BG303221G Rabbit Reflex TEX

  • Footwear types: Boots
  • Shaft lengh: Short boots
  • Lining / padding: Wool lining
  • Function properties: Water-repellent
  • Function properties: Breathable membrane
  • Boots opening: Double velcro
  • Toe shape: Round toe
  • Boots type: Boots
  • Pattern type: Multi-colour
Item no. 371776_041
  • Upper: 100% leather
  • Lining: 100% lambs wool
  • Sole: 100% rubber
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109.00 €