Tween wellington boots - Black
Tween wellington boots - Black
Tween wellington boots - Black


Bundgaard Tween wellington boots - Black

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Color: Black
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47.00 €
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Bundgaard Tween wellington boots

Tween Rubber Boot is the rubber boots model for the slightly older children. The design is simple and streamlined, and is used by both boys and girls. It is a high-shafted boot model that has been made extra soft at the top, so it is comfortable to wear. The reflective details on the back cover ensure that the boot is visible in dark weather. Bundgaard rubber boots are produced from natural rubber, which makes them extremely soft and flexible for the child to wear. Recommended growth supplement: 10-12mm. Fit: Standard. Stable heel cap provides support and a good grip on the foot. Removable insoles allow to easily check if the size is correct - both when buying and continuously during use. NOTE: little children bend their toes, and can not feel when the shoe is too small. It's possible to air and dry the soles. Easy and quick to clean the of the boot. Flexible and nice soft sole. Material: Natural rubber. Lining: 40% wool. 60% dacron. Sole: Rubber. Closure: Pull-on (easy to get in).

Inner dimensions:

Size EUR 28 - 18.4 cm.

Size EUR 29 - 18.9 cm.

Size EUR 30 - 20.0 cm.

Size EUR 31 - 20.5 cm.

Size EUR 32 - 21.2 cm.

Size EUR 33 - 21.7 cm.

Size EUR 34 - 22.4 cm.

Size EUR 35 - 22.8 cm.

Size EUR 36 - 23.3 cm.

Size EUR 37 - 24.0 cm.

Size EUR 38 - 24.4 cm.

Size EUR 39 - 25.3 cm.

Size EUR 40 - 25.9 cm.

Size EUR 41 - 26.6 cm.

Size EUR 42 - 27.3 cm.

Model: BG401024 Tween Rubber Boot

Additional information
  • Footwear types: Boots
  • Boots type: Rubberboots
  • Pattern type: Upper in one colour
Fabric composition
  • Lining: 100% textil
  • Upper: 100% synthetic
  • Sole: 100% synthetic
Item no. 365101_4

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