Paparazzi Family Games
Paparazzi Family Games

Danspil Paparazzi Family Games

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Size: 15+
Danspil Paparazzi Family Games

Paparazzi is an entertaining team and party game that is about guessing famous people from i.a. movies and TV, the world of sports or historical figures. Two teams of at least two are formed and team A begins. They select a Mr. X to give clues, which then has four rounds to get his teammates to guess the person on the map - the faster the more points. The four rounds are about selecting clues, putting together letters, mime or drawing and finally asking yes / no questions. The team that gets their piece in goal first wins. Playing time approx. 30 min. For 1-8 players. From the age of 15 y.o.

Model: 14053Z DANSPIL Paparazzi

  • Toys: CE-certificated toy
  • Games and puzzles properties: Family game
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