Hungry Hugo Family Games
Hungry Hugo Family Games
Hungry Hugo Family Games

Danspil Hungry Hugo Family Games

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Size: 6+
Danspil Hungry Hugo Family Games

The locals at Hugos take great pride in their beautiful gardens. The inhabitants of the small island can not stop competing over whose garden is most beautiful. Do you want to take part in the competition? Grab your shovel and hurry out into the garden. But. There's a little chin named Hugo. Hugo is a giant monkey that sleeps peacefully most of the time. Unfortunately, he always wakes up and is starving. And when Hugo is hungry, he can ruin everything in his path. All you can do is put your trust in tactics and hope it's your lucky day. Playing time, approx. 15-20 min. For 2-4 players. From the age of 6 y.o.

Model: 409200 Hungry Hugo

  • Toys: CE-certificated toy
  • Games and puzzles properties: Family game
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