Children's Game
Children's Game
Children's Game

Hasbro Games Children's Game

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Size: 6+
Hasbro Games Children's Game

Oh, no! 's dog, Rex-Ray, has eaten some things he should not have eaten... Homework, socks, rabbit slippers and a meat bone. The players must help him recover by getting them out. Drop an object into the dog's mouth and use the magnetic dog-o-scope to guide it through his stomach, hoping it will come out from under the tail. But watch out for the drone! If it buzzes, the object falls, and if it falls out of his stomach, the player's turn is over. Each item that the player removes gives one point and the one who gets the most points wins. Fun sound effects are heard during the game. Press and hold Rex-Ray's nose, then he does or farts. The game Operation Pet Scan is a perfect gift for birthdays or summer holidays for children from 6 y.o.

Model: E96941790 Operation - Pet Scan

  • Toys: CE-certificated toy
  • Games and puzzles properties: Kids game
Item no. 364720_049
  • 100% other fibers
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