Activity toys - Noah's Ark's mobile
Activity toys - Noah's Ark's mobile

Magni Activity toys - Noah's Ark's mobile

34.00 €
Size: One Size
Magni activity toys - Noah's Ark's mobile

A nice turmoil, which can be used over a bed or changing table, for example, so that the baby has something exciting to look at. As the baby gets older, the restlessness can hang and adorn the nursery, where it will contribute to the recognizability of the baby, creating security. Sometimes advantageously used to get the child to turn his head in the direction one wants.

Model: 2593 Noahs Ark uro

  • Toys: CE-certificated toy
  • Type: Baby toy
  • Baby toys properties: Activity toy
  • Mobile properties: Mobile
Item no. 359273_049
  • 100% Wood
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