Wooden taxi with rubber wheels

Magni Wooden taxi with rubber wheels

16.00 €
Magni wooden taxi with rubber wheels

Kids, especially boys are fascinated by everything that is cool in the form of big cars, cranes, fire trucks and so on. The car is a tool they can control themselves, so they start to get interested in cars early. Already at the age of 1,5 to 2 y.o. they begin to reflect in the adults and understand the importance of the toys as copies of the things the adults use. Once the child has gained an understanding of imitation, it can learn and at that time, the child can use his imagination, including in the game with cars.

Model: Taxa i træ med gummihjul
  • Toys: CE-certificated toy
  • Type: Toy car
Item no. 359231_049
  • Suitable for age from 18 month
  • 100% other fibers
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