Do you want to return? - No problem!
At STYLEPIT we offer 30 days free return & exchanges via DHL, in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, with a prepaid return label enclosed with the parcel. Do you live somewhere else? Please use the Online Return/Exchange/Complaints function below. Returns & exchanges for other countries are at the customer's cost.

This is how you do it (in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany):
  1. Fill out the return note, and put the return label on the outside of the box.
  2. Hand in the package to whom who delivered the package.
  3. Remember to get the receipt for filing the package.

Have you lost your return label?
You can easily print a new one for free, by using the "Exchange/Complaints" function below.


Online Return/Exchange/Complaints

If you want to exchange or return a product, you need to create an online return, and register the product you want to return/exchange. You afterwards need to print the return/exchange note, and put it inside the box.

Do you have a complaint? - Please contact our Customer Service first!