Face masks in 50-pack - Blue
Face masks in 50-pack - Blue
Face masks in 50-pack - Blue
Face masks in 50-pack - Blue
Face masks in 50-pack - Blue

SOS MEDCO Face masks in 50-pack - Blue

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Size: One Size
CE certified face masks in 50-pack

Step 1:
Remove the disposable protection foil layer. Open the foil packaging. Make sure that the nose clip is at the top and that the front of it is completely visible on the side of the mask facing outwards.

Step 2:
Place the nose clip over your nose and move the elastic strings behind the ears.

Step 3:
Straighten the mask the way, so so that it covers the mouth and nose completely, and press both sides of the clip all the way to the nose.


Size: 17.5 cm. x 9.5 cm.

The product is intended to limit the transmission of pathogenic bacteria / viruses between stuff and patients during surgical procedures and processing other medical treatments with similar med requirements.

The product is for a single use only, is not sterile and the usage period makes 2 hours long. Used sanitary napkins and masks should be disposed of in accordance with local or municipal guidelines.

Do not use masks which packaging is damaged or broken, same as some unknown object interferes the packaging.

KS-1009 Face mask 50 pcs / box
  • Multipack: 50-pack
  • Head & neck: Face mask
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9.00 €
4.50 €