Sylvanian Family Kangaroo Fashion dolls
Sylvanian Family Kangaroo Fashion dolls
Sylvanian Family Kangaroo Fashion dolls

Sylvanian Families Sylvanian Family Kangaroo Fashion dolls

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Sylvanian Family Kangaroo Fashion dolls

Jørgen manages the cricket club in Sylvanian Village and is also the team captain. Depending on which team wins the draw, it is he who either starts with the bat or throws the ball first. The best hour for him - and it was only an hour - was when he shut out the other eleven in just twelve rounds and then opened the shots for his team, sending all the first three balls into the hole. What a victory. Karla is a skilled and versatile sportswoman who is especially good at netball. She is often seen around the netball courts, where she either plays in her favorite position as a goalkeeper or coaches one of the children's teams. She works hard in all her sports and encourages her children to do the same. "It's not about winning, it's about breaking your own personal record" is her motto. Karen is obsessed with sports just like the rest of her family favorite occupation is running, long distance running to be exact. She trains very hard on it, getting up at six o'clock every morning to be able to run around the fields, then home in a quick bath before dragging herself to the school bus. Celina loves to play ball and bat with her father Jørgen. She usually does not hit the ball, but she and her father just laugh at it.

Model: 5272 Familien Kænguru

  • Toys: CE-certificated toy
  • Dolls and accessories properties: Fashion doll
Item no. 366766_049
  • Suitable for age from 36 month
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