Sylvanian Family Poodle Fashion dolls
Sylvanian Family Poodle Fashion dolls

Sylvanian Families Sylvanian Family Poodle Fashion dolls

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Sylvanian Family Poodle Fashion dolls

The Poodle family in Sylvanian Families is a cute family with doll figures. The set includes Father Poodle, Mother Poodle, Poodle Boy and Poodle Girl. The doll figures that you can put clothes on can be put in different positions by moving their head, arms and legs. Frank is good at sports. He pursues his hobby very much and always plays football or plays prisoner games with the children in the village on the weekends. The children also like Frank's clothes - whether he is wearing ordinary clothes or sportswear, he is always wearing cool clothes. Veronica likes to bake cakes. She is especially good at making nice decorations with cream. When she comes up with a new idea for a cake, she gets so eager that she rushes out into the kitchen and starts baking right away. She always invites everyone in the village to come to her home and taste her latest cake. Eric is the best in his class at school and is good at helping his friends when there is something they do not understand. Everyone comes to him for help because he knows exactly how to explain things so people can understand them. But sometimes he goes up too much in his characters. When he does not get top marks in a test, he gets so disappointed that he runs home alone as soon as he has time off from school. Melinda is a pretty shy girl. Once upon a time, she was too shy to even invite anyone home to play. But then one day her mother baked a new cake and invited all the children home for tea party. Melinda was having so much fun that her mother is now in the process of teaching her to bake a cake herself so she can keep her own tea party. Combine these figures with the Baby Poodle and the Poodle twins (negotiated separately), so you end up having all the members of the family of doll figures. Father Frank, mother Veronica, daughter Melinda & son Eric.

Model: 5259 Familien Puddel

  • Toys: CE-certificated toy
  • Dolls and accessories properties: Fashion doll
Item no. 366735_049
  • Suitable for age from 36 month
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