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Sylvanian Families Bed Furniture

28.00 €
Sylvanian Families Bed Furniture

Bed furniture for the children's room in Sylvanian Families is a good toy accessory for the cute collectibles from Sylvanian Families. With 2 beech-style beds, which can be placed on top of each other to make bunk beds, and a ladder to put between them, sibling couples can nicely share these bed furniture for the children's room. With two matching stuffed animals, a brown male bear and a light brown female bear and also checkered bed linen in beautiful green and red colors, this bedroom set is perfect for slightly older children. In this package there is a desk with drawers, 2 books and 10 other things that can be used as accessories, i.a. a calendar, a notebook, a ruler, a yellow pencil, a pink pencil, a pencil holder, and a book folder (your little friends in Sylvanian Village love their writing utensils).

Model: 4254 Sengemøbler til børneværelset

  • Toys: CE-certificated toy
  • Dolls and accessories properties: Fashion doll
Item no. 366697_049
  • Suitable for age from 36 month
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