Squirrel With Nut
Squirrel With Nut
Squirrel With Nut

Sylvanian Families Squirrel With Nut

13.00 €
Sylvanian Families Squirrel With Nut

Sylvanian Families are cute little characters and a very popular toy for children. Alfie always makes trouble. He watches as his father Cedric builds things and waits only to be given the opportunity to tease. Cedric thinks Alfie is watching because he likes working with wood, and is happy that his son might be following in his footsteps. Alyssa likes to draw on all the wooden things at Cedric's workshop. At first Cedric got angry at the fuss Alyssa was making, but then he said, "It looks like we have a budding artist here", and then he gave Alyssa a whole box of crayons she could have all to herself.

Model: 5421 Valnøddeegern-tvillingerne

  • Toys: CE-certificated toy
  • Dolls and accessories properties: Fashion doll
Item no. 366712_049
  • Suitable for age from 36 month
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